Posted by: Kristin W | July 31, 2009

The Day We Turned in the Paperwork

So, today we met with Helen, our adoption counselor at Children’s Home Society and turned in almost all of our homestudy paperwork.  She seemed impressed at how much we had done.  We are still waiting on Andrew’s birth certificate, our clearance from the local Sheriff’s office, and some shot records on Sam.  Otherwise, the paperwork part is complete.  I should say at least this part of the paperwork is done.  We are waiting to hear from Wide Horizons (our placement agency in Mass.) about the list of paperwork we’ll need to do for them.  Then there is the dossier to submit to the Ethiopian government.  But, for now, we’re feeling good and we have scheduled our home visit for August 11.  That gives us 11 days to clean up the house.

Why Ethiopia? Well, I’m not really sure I can explain it.  We had originally ruled out international adoption, mainly because it is more expensive.  But, I was never really comfortable with the whole open adoption thing, and we weren’t really comfortable with the risks involved with foster adoption.  But, once we started the home study paperwork, it became clear that we were basically looking for a healthy infant, which is what everyone else is in line for.  We originally were interested in adoption so that we could give a home to a kid who otherwise wouldn’t have one (or a good one).  So this light bulb came on that we weren’t really achieving that objective by adopting a child that everyone else wanted.  So, we started looking around and fell in love with the Ethiopia program.  They are such cute kids, mostly orphaned by the AIDS crisis in Africa.  While most of them have experienced some level of malnutrition, they are overall healthy.  (And our pediatrician says that after some good food and a loving environment, they’ll bounce right back and catch up developmentally.)  And, we found out that the Ethiopia program is only slightly more expensive than adopting domestically.  Plus, we get a fabulous vacation to Africa when it’s time to go get our kids.

Why two? Maybe we’ve just lost our minds.  Maybe we just really like kids.  Maybe it just makes more sense to go through this process once than to have to do it again in a few years.  Plus, there’s the added concern that sibling groups are harder to place…which means that they don’t have as good of a shot at finding a home.  Maybe it’s just that those pictures on the website are so darn cute.  Maybe it’s just meant to be.


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