Posted by: Kristin W | August 1, 2009

Big Brother

S has been extremely interested in the adoption process.  I think overall he is excited, but by nature Sam is a worrier and he doesn’t like the unknown.  He is excited about having little brothers or sisters (and doesn’t care which…remarkably).  He doesn’t care that they will have a different skin color than his.  He actually wants to share his room (he already has bunk beds, so that is convenient).  On the down side, he is concerned about having to teach the new kids to speak English (“Why can’t we just get an American one?”) and he’s concerned that we don’t currently have enough beds for two more (although we’ve reassured him that the twin bed and the crib in the garage are both still usable).

S went with us to meet with Helen yesterday.  He had asked to go because he felt like we weren’t including him enough in “doing adoption stuff.”  Those of you who know S know that he talks like a grown-up, so it was like having a third parent in the room.  Except that he raised his hand before asking his questions.  It was cute.  I think she was impressed.

He has decided that he wants to travel to Ethiopia with us when we go to get the kids.  When he found out that he’d have to get shots in order to go, he said that he would just have to start being brave.  I think it will be interesting to see him there, so I hope it works out so that he can go.  Maybe then he’ll understand how lucky he has it!


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