Posted by: Kristin W | October 19, 2009

Home Study Complete

Today we received a draft of the home study that our adoption counselor wrote.  It was an interesting read.  Basically, she took all the information that we submitted, all the things we told her in our interviews and the letters of reference that she received and wrote a 10-page summary of our lives to date.  She talked about our childhood, growing up, our health status, our kids, our parenting style, etc.  And the good news is that we seem to have passed.  In her words:

It is recommended that one child of either gender up to the age of two years or two siblings of either gender up to the age of four years from Ethiopia with the potential for normal growth and development or a special needs child with minor, transient, correctible medical conditions be placed with Andrew and Kristin Watkins.”


I found it very odd to read someone else’s description of our lives.  Although she pretty much nailed it, it’s weird to see 38 years reduced to ten pages (five if you consider that Andrew’s took up considerable space as well).  I also find it strange to think that no one did this before we had S and E.  What a strange system.  Anyway, we continue to move forward by meeting another substantial milestone in our process.

This weekend a representative from our agency from Boston will be in town and so we’ll get to talk a little more with her about the wait list process.  We got our first Ethiopia families newsletter last week and there were families who had been on the wait list for siblings for as a little as three months and as many as 24 months.  Seems like a pretty wide spread.  We’d like to land somewhere in the middle, but who knows.


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