Posted by: Kristin W | June 2, 2010

The Question

The question I’m asked most frequently is “How is the adoption going?”  I’m starting to dread it.  The various answers I give:

  • Going good.
  • We’re just waiting.
  • Nothing new to report.
  • Still waiting.
  • Haven’t heard anything.

The court situation is still being worked out, and so we don’t have much news on how the new court process will play out.  Families are traveling soon, though, so we’re eager to her some news about how their trip goes.  It looks like now it will be at least October before our first trip to Ethiopia.  We know there are at least two families ahead of us waiting for siblings, so even if June was a busy month, we probably wouldn’t get a referral.  Then, the courts close in Ethiopia for the rainy season (August through October), so by the time we accept a referral, there probably isn’t enough time to get our paperwork filed and get through court before it closes.  So, the wait will stretch on.  My luck, we’ll get a referral and just miss the cut-off for court, so I’ll have to spend two months staring at a picture on my computer screen without being able to do anything.  At least I’ll be able to answer “the question” better once we have a referral.

In other news, this is the last week of school for the kids.  I’m taking off work next week for us to hang out together.  My plan is to work on the photo album that we’ll send to the new kids before they meet us.  I want to do a “Day in the Life” of the Watkins family – show us eating breakfast, going to school, playing at home, bath time (rated PG), and snuggling up to read.  I figured it would be a fun way to involve the kids in the adoption process.  I’ll post some pics once I have them.


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