Posted by: Kristin W | June 25, 2010

Catch Up

Yesterday, I discovered that my old blog had crashed.  In trying to figure out what had happened, I read a ton of horror stories about iWeb, and so decided to give up on it and start over.  I was able to copy all of my posts except the last one (which may have been the culprit), so I’m recreating it here.

This is more of a food blog than an adoption blog, however, I think I can make a stretch into how this post relates to our adoption.

First, over the weekend, I got a new camera.  I have been wanting a new one ever since my photography class, and finally found it on sale.  So, I have been taking pictures of everything around the house.

Second, I am dealing with a child who has food issues.  Having read about many kids going through the transition from Ethiopian food to American food, I expect that this will be something we deal with for quite a while after the kids get home.  Anyway, the current issue is that S won’t eat.  We have always had the rule that the kids either eat what we eat for dinner or they don’t eat dinner (no special requests).  S has always eaten cereal for breakfast and a peanut butter (no jelly) sandwich for lunch, so I figure he’s getting enough to keep him going.  But, lately he has come within a pound of being technically underweight.  We’ve been trying to get him to eat more proteins.  Since we’ve been traveling, the kids had eaten more junk than usual, so I decided to get back on track.  I took the kids to Fresh Market and told them we were going to pick out something new that they would try.  The photo above is the result: S picked chicken sausage (which he was later disappointed wasn’t served with syrup), pasta in a different shape than spaghetti (small steps…) and cornbread.  E picked spinach (one of her traditional favorites, but I wasn’t going to be picky if the kid is picking a leafy green), peppers, and gouda cheese (she wanted to see what the red wrapper was all about).  I picked parmesan talapia, as I wanted the kids to see me also trying something new (and they know I don’t really like fish).  The fish was a huge hit with E, who ate hers, S’s, and the leftover portion.  S ate the cheese and the sausage, but gagged about everything else.  The dog waited patiently, as the kids haven’t yet figured out that this would be a convenient method of disposing of unwanted food.  Overall, not a huge success, but at least I tried.



  1. Go Kristen!! What a cool idea for a blog. There are so many ways you can get this word out to folks! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with. Love the pictures. What kind of camera did you buy?
    Have fun…it’s addicting. 🙂

  2. I have added your family to Ethiopian Adoption Blogs. I wish you all the best on the rest of your adoption journey. I hope that it doesn’t hold any more big surprises like the 2 trip policy…phew…that was a big one! Good Luck!

  3. Your food display is beautiful! You should work for some restaurant modeling their food for commercials.
    Thanks for sharing this on facebook! I look forward to reading so much more about your experience.
    Can’t wait until your 3rd & 4th children are in your arms!

  4. Great job! You’re making it fun and letting them participate and have some say in the choices. Extra credit for you!

    We have a picky eater, too. When we traveled to Ghana, I had a picky eater and on occasion- depending on the options- up to 3 picky eaters. I can’t blame them too much, I am a picky eater myself. My advice is bring a bottle of ketchup for S and/or E. You may be surprised to find that once they see their options in Ethiopia (and possibly suffer through), they may come home and have a much wider palette. That was our experience. 🙂

    And as far as transitioning the newly adopted kids, we found ours would eat anything and everything without hesitation or questioning. There was some odd combinations. Once they discovered honey mustard they wanted to put it on everything. When we had pancakes the first time, they refused to try syrup and wanted to stick with what they new. So pancakes and honey mustard it was!

    Great pics, by the way. I’m curious what kind of camera you got too?

    • Thanks, Jennifer. Good idea about the ketchup. Maybe I’ll start saving the restaurant packs now – those should travel well. We figured we’d take a jar of peanut butter and that would get us through the week. Since we won’t be there as long as you, I’m not sure we’ll get to the point where S is hungry enough to be adventurous!

    • I got a Nikon D5000. Still getting to know it, but I love it so far.

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