Posted by: Kristin W | June 28, 2010

Broken Wrist

This weekend, I woke up on Saturday morning fully prepared to mow the grass (my typical Saturday morning activity).  However, the grass was too wet, so I suggested to S that we go for a bike ride instead.  Less than two blocks away from our house, S swerved to avoid a parked car and rode his bike full speed into a brick mailbox.

He immediately complained about his wrist, but could still wiggle his fingers and move his arm.  I, however, became concerned when he got dizzy and said he was going blind.  So, after some nice folks gave us a ride home and delivered our bikes to us, we took off for the Emergency Room.  X-Rays and a CAT scan showed that the wrist was broken, but there was no damage to his head.

All this got me thinking about how lucky we are.  Although we all complain about the health care system in the US, at least we have one.  At a moments notice, I got in my car, drove 10 minutes, waited for less than five minutes, and saw a doctor.  There are so many places in the world where if S’s accident happened, they would not receive treatment at all.  Or, they would go to an over-crowded, under-staffed clinic that didn’t have clean water or sanitized instruments (and definitely no CAT scan).  They might have to walk for days to reach a doctor.  If this accident happened to one of our Ethiopian kids, would they receive any care at all?  Would the bone heal correctly if they weren’t able to get medical attention?  It definitely gives me a renewed sense of urgency to get them home.  In the meantime, S is doing fine – he’ll be going to get his cast later this morning.  He is having a little bit of baseball withdrawal – I don’t think he’s ever been two whole days without a glove on his left hand – but otherwise in good spirits and enjoying being waited on.


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