Posted by: Kristin W | July 23, 2010

In Training

Some weeks I am so busy with life that I am able to mostly forget about the adoption and go about my day-to-day activities without dwelling on my status on the wait list. But, this was not one of those weeks. (Sorry, what follows is mostly self-pity, so please don’t read if that turns you off.)

First, my cousin had a baby. (Shout out to Sandy and new baby Audrey!) This is fabulous news and we are all super-excited that she’s finally here to join her big brother. I am equally excited that Sandy now has to learn to love pink. However, in the midst of all the celebration, I’m left thinking about our own new kids. When will they come? When will I get to post facebook pictures of them in cute bows? We started this process long before Sandy got pregnant, yet she is now at home with her sweet baby sleeping under the same roof with her. Even more odd is to think that maybe this week, while Audrey was being born, one (or both) of our children were also being born. Wouldn’t it be bizarre if we later found out that our baby was born on the same day as Audrey? Anyway, I’m happy for the McBees, and more than a little jealous of them, too.

Next, this afternoon, we attended our adoption training. We were the only family in the class that was adopting internationally – the others were adopting domestic infants. The class was mostly focused on babies, so didn’t really apply to us (not that we really figured it would). Note: Andrew would like for me to point out that he did NOT embarrass me during class by making any sarcastic comments – at least not out loud. Anyway, after the class, I talked with our social worker. She said she had talked to the folks in Massachusetts and their best guess is that our referral (when we are matched with waiting children) will be “late fall to early winter.” I guess in my heart I knew that we weren’t going to make the “late summer to early fall” that we were told a few months ago, but I was still disappointed to hear this confirmed. Of course, it’s such a weird waiting game – our caseworker says that some of the families ahead of us have special gender requests, so that move us along more quickly. But, it’s looking more and more like we might not make my hopeful 2010 homecoming. Bummer.

To end on a bright note, however, this weekend, we are having a cookout with the following local families:
Family 1 – Three biological kids and two kids adopted from Ghana
Family 2 – Single mom with two kids adopted from Ethiopia
Family 3 – One biological kid, two kids adopted from Colombia and on the waiting list for a child from Ethiopia.
How cool is that!?!?

Oh, and here’s a pic of Audrey. Gotta love this one…



  1. Ohhhh, I can SO relate. The Waiting game is tough and made exponentially more difficult b/c we have no idea what’s in store (I know you can relate). But, WE will get there. We will be posting pics with bows and fun videos and stories. I believe we have the same request so once we hear I’m sure you will be soon to follow… very exciting times ahead!

  2. I think it is tough right now with the INCREDIBLY low number of referrals we are seeing. I only saw one month on the past year showing zero referrals. We have one this month. Last month wasn’t a record high either, so hopefully there are a bunch coming in soon.

  3. i totally understand how you feel. ive caught myself joking lately that i have the gestational period of an elephant. im not sure how accurate that is… but… LOL

    • You made me curious, so I had to look it up. Elephant gestation is 22 months. I guess I shouldn’t complain so much!!

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