Posted by: Kristin W | July 27, 2010


Happy Birthday, S!!

Today is a big day.  Nine years ago, S was born.  And today marks the sixth month mark on the waitlist.

S had a great birthday.  He woke up to a scavenger hunt where he got lots of Buster Posey trading cards (took me a while on eBay to gather those up!), a few Giants shirts, and tickets to the Braves/Giants series in a few weeks.  Should be a fabulous time – on Sunday, he’ll get to go on the field for batting practice and autographs.  For those of you who don’t know S, he is a HUGE (and by that I mean the biggest ever) Buster Posey fan, so this is the PERFECT present for him.  If you are not following Buster Posey’s major league career, you should be.  We also took him out to dinner and got zeppelis (Italian restaurant makes fried dough balls with powdered sugar), which are S’s favorite.

The other big milestone today is reaching six months on the wait list.  Since the published wait times are 3-12 months, we are at least half-way through the waiting.  Yippee!  Even though we don’t know where we are on the list, it still feels good to know that the wait is a lot shorter than it was six months ago.  Plus, this week there was another sibling referral, so wherever we were on the list, we just moved up by one.  We’re making progress, even though we don’t know how much.  It’s kind of like running and race and not really knowing where the finish line is – you don’t know if you should be sprinting or pacing yourself at any given point.  I’m pretty sure it’s a marathon, though.



  1. Yes, it’s most definitely a marathon… Congrats to your son and to the 6 month mark! That’s a huge milestone! I agree, I really wish there was some way to know how many of “us” are out there =) Hang in there!

  2. yayyyy for the referral this week 🙂

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