Posted by: Kristin W | August 12, 2010

Baseball vs. Ballet

I promised another post about our baseball adventure last weekend, so here it is.

Our family loves baseball.  Period.

Andrew and I fell in love at a baseball game.  (OK, it was actually a regional tournament, so we had several games to make up our minds.)  We’ve followed the FSU Seminoles ever since.  We always scope out baseball possibilities when traveling.  Our son could hit a pitched ball before he was potty trained.  He, too, loves baseball – both playing and watching.  S finished his last year of coach-pitch last year and will be on a pitching team next spring.  He’s not the greatest player I’ve ever seen, but he loves the game more than any kid I’ve ever known.  His baseball knowledge usually astounds adults.  And, he is constantly frustrated with the kids on his team that are “picking grass” rather than having their head in the game.

S with Buster Posey, 2008

Now, on to Buster Posey.  (If you don’t know who he is, you should spend more time watching ESPN.)  Three years ago, we got season tickets to FSU, and we go to every game we possibly can.  Our seats are next to the Posey family, so we got to know Buster’s mom and girlfriend (now wife) while he was playing here.  They are a fabulous family with four great kids, and we’ve really enjoyed following Buster’s professional career.  His mom taught S how to keep score and gave E more than her fair share of popcorn.  S dressed up as Buster one year for Halloween.  My point is that S is a HUGE Buster Posey fan.  Once we learned Buster and the Giants would be coming to Atlanta around the time of S’s birthday, there was no doubt that he would choose that over some cheesy birthday party.  And he did.  So, last weekend, we drove up to Atlanta and saw two of the four-game series.  It was a great trip, despite the fact that the Giants lost both games, and Buster only had one at-bat in the second game.  A few pics from the trip:

Giants outfit #1

Giants Outfit #2

Buster strikes out.

You’ll notice that E is visibly absent from our Atlanta trip.  She had no interest in going.  She has no interest in baseball.  She likes Buster’s mom, but doesn’t really care much for Buster or any other player.  (Although she does kind of like Tyler Holt because he gave her a hug once.)  She doesn’t care for being outside when it’s hot.  She played one season of T-Ball and cried through her game every week.  She is our ballerina.  I have to admit, I never imagined that I would have a daughter who enjoys tutus more than batting practice.  She is girly.  She only wants to wear dresses, bows in her hair and sparkly shoes.  (These are, by the way, all things that I know nothing about.)

E at her spring recital.

So, what does all this have to do with our adoption plans?  Well, it gets me thinking about what our new kids’ passion will be.  It is great to have a kid who has latched on to something we enjoy.  But, I have to admit, it also melts my heart to see how excited E gets about her recitals.  It’s not something I ever experienced, but seeing it through her eyes makes it magical.  I can’t wait to see what path the new kids take.  Will they be shortstops or ballerinas?  Chess champions or marathon runners?  There is something so fabulous about watching your kids discover what they love, and even if it’s not something you would have chosen, you can’t help but get excited to see their passion for it.  Currently, S is into the Greek Gods after reading the Percy Jackson series.  Again, not something I know a lot about, but he’s teaching me as we go.  It’s so fun to see the world through the eyes of someone else, and having two more kids will give us an even wider lens through which to see the world.  I have to admit, I hope they choose baseball, but if not, I’ll adapt.

Dream big, S!



  1. I think my husband would like to be in your family. He LOVES baseball, especially the Cubs =) This post got me really excited to see what personalities and interests emerge in our kiddos. My husband is really musical and I would love our kids to play an instrument. I joke that I want to be a family band and I will play the triangle or be the obnoxious stage parent =)

    • We’ve tried music lessons with both of them. S took guitar for two years, and E took piano for one (and is taking another this year). It is so frustrating for them, though, I kind of wish we’d waited until they were older. They both want to play Hannah Montana and AC/DC (my husband’s influence), and all they get to do is Mary Had A Little Lamb. It’s kind of discouraging to them.

  2. awww so cool 🙂

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