Posted by: Kristin W | August 23, 2010

Back to School

Today, S and E started 4th and 1st grades.  Like so many things in the past year, it is an exciting time, but at the same time, it leaves me saddened for those who don’t get the opportunity of an education.

Here are some statistics about education in Ethiopia, according to UNICEF:

  • The primary school age population is estimated to be almost 14 million in 2002/2003 which is about one fifth of the total population.
  • About 36.6 per cent of the school age population is not enrolled in primary schools.
  • Primary school years in Ethiopia are characterised by low enrollment and attendance.
  • Though primary schooling in Ethiopia is free for the average Ethiopian living below one dollar a day it is difficult to cover their families’ school expenses like uniforms, exercise books and school maintenance cost.
  • Families may be reluctant to send their children to school, since they depend on their children’s labor for survival. Family do not understand the value of sending their children to school.
  • About 72 per cent of school-age children have no access to formal education.

While I do have some beefs about my kids public school education (this is not the blog for that lengthy post…), we are indeed lucky.  And some day, two more kids will get that opportunity.



  1. Your kiddos are so, so cute!

    Yes, we are fortunate here… I met a woman last year who adopted siblings and she said at her birth family visit the birth father kept stressing how he wanted his children to go to school and become professors. So sad that even some families who do want that for their children cannot provide it…

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