Posted by: Kristin W | September 8, 2010


I went to get my hair cut this afternoon, which is an activity I undertake every five weeks.  Like clockwork.  I make the five-week appointment before I leave each time.  Every five weeks.

I made the mistake of mentioning our adoption plan to my hairstylist way back in the beginning (it came up because I was worried about the hair issues).  Now I completely regret it.  Every time I walk through the door, her first question is, “Any news yet?”  And my answer, “Nope, still waiting.”  It’s an every-fifth week reminder of how long this is taking.

I made my next appointment for six weeks.



  1. So funny! Ugh, people mean well, but when there is no news, there is NO news =)

  2. I totally understand. It seems like everywhere I go I get the same question. I had 3 friends call me this week specifically to ask me if we had heard anything. I am so glad to have people that care but sometimes the wait is sooo hard. Our official date is 1-7-10 so you are just after us. Hopefully, we will hear something soon. However, our social worker told us last week that it could be January before we get a referral 😦

  3. Don’t people realize that when you (we) have news we will be SCREAMING it from rooftops! My hair stylist does the same thing….kinda drives me batty!

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