Posted by: Kristin W | September 21, 2010

Put Down the Wallet

Way back in the beginning of this process, I decided that I wouldn’t buy anything for the new kids until we got a referral and knew their ages and gender.  It was around the time that I freaked out in Target.  I just decided that once we had more information, we could begin getting the things we really need.

I’ve been really good up until recently.  Last week, I went shopping for a co-workers baby shower.  (I know…big mistake.)  I saw a really cute stuffed puppy.  Soft and squishy.  Yellow gingham.  The kind of toy that could easily become a lovey.  And it was on sale.  But I walked away.  No big deal – there are millions of stuffed animals in the world – I’ll pick one up when we get a referral.

This week, I was shopping and saw some adorable girls’ bedspreads.  There were only two twin sizes left and they were on sale.  Keeping in mind that I already have one girl, I could buy two of them.  Then, if we didn’t get a referral for a girl, I could sell the extra one on eBay.  Right?  Well, I didn’t get them (but it was a close call).

Then tonight we were at the book fair at the kids’ school.  They had these little sets of tiny board books that had photographs of animals, cars, and other “stuff.”  I thought they’d be great for teaching words and would fit nicely in a suitcase to Ethiopia.  But, I didn’t get them.

So, am I being crazy?  Should I be stocking up on stuff?  Buy it on sale while you can or wait until you know for sure you need it?  So far, I’ve been very good about not buying things, but is that just going to work against me later when we get a referral and I don’t have time to shop around for bargains?  Help!



  1. I say buy it if it’s a great deal…no wait…oh crap the ad on the bottom of the page that I can see is for comforters on sale at J.C. Penney! So just go with your gut!!

  2. UGH, we are in the same boat… I figure there will always be sales, but I guess if you come across something that you know you will use with the kids (ie: gender neutral items) then go for it. =) We have yet to purchase anything and from what I hear you don’t want to have too much “stuff” when the kids come home…I have heard it can be overwhelming. Good luck!

  3. As hard as it may be to believe, there will be sales and bargains AFTER you get the referral. And if not on the books you saw today, then certainly on books (or stuffed animals) that you’ll be completely infatuated with on that future day. Relax, and know you’ll have more shopping days in the future. Plenty of them, actually. 😉

  4. I’ve been buying only what I need to get the room ready. Haven’t bought any toys/stuffed animals as I don’t want to overwhelm little T. I am partial to little girl clothes and the only thing that is keeping me back from buying all I see, is the fact that I have no idea about her size. I think I’ll wait until we see her before buying anything else.
    I would go for anything that’s a screaming deal besides, the more that is done now, the less you’ll have to do when the kids arrive!

  5. Congratulations on your self restraint….

    I am buying gender neutral items.. and have been all along. I have their crayons, crayons and more crayons, hampers, books, toy bins, a d*** garage cabinet to store the dreaded trimmers, and some dvds.

    It may seem like I bought a lot, but I have no kids, so I wanted to get some things that I knew I definitely wanted. However, I, like you, struggle with it all the time. I am not doing bedrooms until I have the gender. I still feel like I have a lot to do once I know ages and gender, but I think it is doable.

  6. I think my hamper and crayola fixation is due to my lack of ability to buy any clothes, bedroom “stuff” or toys at all….

    On another note, I am going to a huge Moms 2 Moms sale at the end of the month. ugh. I, however, am just looking. I really can’t buy anything like bikes, etc even used because I have no idea of ages or genders. This really is hard. At least if I were giving birth I would know what size they would be upon arrival….

  7. I think you’re wise to wait…there’s always stuff on sale. =)
    I’m always thinking of y’all. Any chance we can stay a night for a visit when we come through FL? (Jan or Feb?) I hope so! (Unless you’re out of the country getting the rest of your family of course =)
    Lots of love,

    • Of course – we would love to have you stop in! And, if we’re in Ethiopia, you can still come and petsit!! Just let me know when.

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