Posted by: Kristin W | September 30, 2010

What A Week

It’s been quite a week around our house.  One of those weeks where you might think we didn’t have time to think about adoption.  But you’d be wrong.  If anything, we thought about it even more.

It started last Wednesday when I went to the pastic surgeon to have my thumbnail removed.  I had several spots that had appeared from beneath the nail that were causing quite a bit of pain.  Here’s the thumbnail before (and don’t worry, I won’t show any gross after photos).

Doesn’t look too bad, right?  Well, he took off the nail and took several biopsies from the nail bed, then stitched part of my nail back on.  Bandaged it up and sent me home.  I drove myself.  No big deal.  Until the painkiller wore off, then OUCH!!  So, Thursday I went back and have to have it rebandaged due to swelling.  Thursday, S got sent home with pink eye.  Friday, Andrew took S to the doctor and got drops for him.  Saturday, I had to go to the ER because I was running a fever.  Monday I went back for a check and got yelled at for not moving it more.  Tuesday, S was running a fever again AND Andrew was sick, so they both went back to the doctor to find that S has a virus and Andrew has a sinus infection.  I have been asleep on the loveseat in the living room most of the week – groggy from the pain killers (that don’t really work) and the lack of sleep because I can’t get comfortable with my hand elevated.

So, how does this relate to adoption?  Several ways.  First, when I was in the office having my “procedure” done, I was trying to think happy thoughts (and not look at what they were doing).  I kept picturing in my mind the day we meet our kids.  All of you that have posted videos and pictures of those moments have created for me a vivid picture of how this will happen.  I have all these images of Ethiopia swirling in my mind.  I also started thinking about the birth family visit and the grass/mud huts I see in a lot of pictures.  I realized I’ve never seen photos of what those look like on the inside.  Is that because they are too dark or because it would be rude to take photos?

Second, I am reminded again how lucky we are to have the healthcare system we do.  Although it has its flaws, three members of my family saw a doctor at least once this week.  We did not have to wait for weeks and there were plenty of doctors and medicine available to us.  We utilized several different doctor’s offices, the emergency room, the pharmacist, Ask-A-Nurse (twice), and the internet to get all of our questions answered.  I can’t imagine living in Ethiopia where none of this would be available and we would have to rely on understaffed clinics or tribal leaders for advice.  Here is a view of our kitchen counter with the array of medications that we’re on:

Last, I have to admit that it was somewhat scary.  With both Andrew and I not feeling well, it was hard to imagine what life would be like with four kids instead of two.  I know that if we’d needed to, we could have asked friends or family to step in and help.  But, the fact of the matter is that when you’re not feeling well, you just can’t keep up things like you normally would.  Our house is a mess, the kids are barely getting to school with completed homework.  I think S got away with not brushing his teeth a few mornings.  But, overall, we’ve muddled through, and I think with a little help, we could manage it with four kids.

So, now everyone is on the mend.  Andrew is breathing again.  S is back at school.  I’m still at home, weaning off my pain killers, but should be back at work tomorrow.  All is well.  For now.  And, thanks to E who stayed healthy and read me lots of books to help me feel better.



  1. So glad you are all getting better! Loved reading your thoughts about the inside of the mud huts.

  2. Ouch! What a rough week! Sure hope you all get better soon.

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