Posted by: Kristin W | October 15, 2010


Does anyone have a pair of Tom’s?  (See the Charity: Water shoes here.)  I love the idea of buying shoes and someone deserving getting a pair, too.  I just can’t get past the fact that…well…they are kind of ugly.  I’m not a big shoe person.  I don’t have hundreds of pairs of shoes in my closet.  I tend to have a few pairs of brown, a few pairs of black, a bunch of flip-flops (hey, it is Florida after all) and some comfy tennis shoes.  Shoe shopping is, to me, a painful chore.  So much so, that I don’t even like going with my daughter (who LOVES to try on shoes).  I’ve enlisted the help of a “shoe person” to take her.

Back to Tom’s…I like the concept, and I like that I could order online, thereby saving myself a trip to the store.  But I can’t get past the ugly part.  However, if one of you tells me that you own a pair and they are the most comfortable shoes ever, then I will buy some.  And I might wear them in public.  But probably not.  Because they ARE ugly.



  1. Have not tried them. Actually think they’re kind of cute, but I tend to end up feeling that way about many trends, which is a bad thing, because I quite like to shop. I did wonder about the comfort factor, myself. They look like they might slip and/or rub at the back of the heel, and I also don’t anticipate they have much shock absorption or any arch support. Even if I am wrong, please…no one inform me, because I’m best having NO excuse to buy them…(even if they are for a good cause, I do not need shoes. Sadly).

  2. HA! you are too funny. We bought TOMs for ourselves and family members. I like the statement and love the cause. It’s fun walking around town and spotting other TOMs wearers =) I say go for it, they are comfortable and I don’t think too ugly =)

  3. I actually agree, but, did go ahead and bought 3 gift cards as Christmas present. This year, I want to do more giving of gifts that give back. I do want to tell you that a Mom in our travel group had a pair on (when she bought them, she didn’t realize that a pair went to a child in need) and she said they were very comfortable. I think the story behind them is cool, and sometimes comfort comes before style 🙂

    • Funny, I haven’t gotten any for myself, but before they started doing the Ethiopia shoes, I bought a pair for my sister-in-law. Nice to give as gifts, but still not sure that I want to wear them. Although, since I’ve heard a few times now that they are comfy, I might have to bite the vanity bullet!

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