Posted by: Kristin W | October 29, 2010

Good Fortune

S just came running into E’s room to tell me his fortune.  (It seems he got a fortune cookie as part of today’s Halloween festivities at school.  Chinese Halloween cookies?)  “A new relationship is about to blossom.  That means we’re going to get our referral soon!”  I hope so, kid.

And, E came home from school grumpy.  A while later, figured out that she has a 102 degree fever.  Poor thing is sick as a dog (or a kitty, as the case may be).

At least she made it through the Halloween festivities at school.  Now she’s cuddled up on the couch watching the Addam’s Family, which is a newly discovered favorite show.  (Good old-fashioned Halloween fun.)



  1. Wow, I wish I was that cute when I was sick. Even if I painted cute little whiskers on my face it wouldn’t help! Oh, and I hope your ‘good fortune’ extends to some of us other ‘waiters’!

    • No doubt! I had a stomach bug earlier this week and I looked I could have STARRED in the Addams Family!

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