Posted by: Kristin W | November 5, 2010


In Ethiopia, when families surrender their children, they often state the age as younger, hoping that will help the kids get adopted.  Apparently, the Tallahassee Animal Shelter follows this same line of logic.  We had to take Edgar to the vet yesterday because his incision from his neuter had become infected.  The vet said he’s SIX months, not four.  And, he’s also not a lab and probably won’t be more than 40 pounds.  (Which is VERY small to us…we’re used to great danes and mastiffs).

Adopting from the shelter is like adopting from Ethiopia in a lot of ways, I guess.  You’re never really sure about age.  You’re never really sure about background.  You’re never really sure about past neglect, abuse or trauma.  You’re never really sure about health.  But you take a leap of faith because you fall in love.  So, here’s my current love…whatever he is or will be:

He has the collar for a few days to help him keep from licking his "boy parts."



  1. I told my husband about your recent ‘adoption’ and now he wants to do the same thing. For years now he has been wanting a dog and I keep putting it off. Every time I think of it I immediately think about the 2 things I will dislike the most about having a dog: 1) Getting up even earlier to take the dog on in February…in Chicago. 2) the guilt I will feel each day knowing that while we are at work our dog is alone in our apartment… (Doggie Day Care is $$ around here)

    But Edgar is very very cute and I hope he provides a much-needed distraction. Maybe I need to just go for it…

  2. Hello. I just now read your response on our blog. My friend Susan is the friend of the friend that knows you:) So, I see you’ve been waiting a long time for siblings. When we went on deck, we just changed our request to wait for two children, sibs or unrelated, 0-12 months and 0-4 years, at least one girl:) So, even though we were #1 on the infant boy list, we are going to wait longer too:) We both just had a peace about it that we couldn’t ignore. We already have four bio kids, so we might have 6 children- wow! Insane, but fun:) If the wait gets too long, they said we could go back to one and be at the top of the list, so we’ll see… Email me if you ever just want to chat:) or vent:) Katie

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I look forward to reading along your journey! Congrats on your new “baby” – I’m a big animal lover and have two rescued dogs myself. 🙂

  4. First, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment. I love to see new people stop in and say hi.

    I read back a bit, and have to tell you that I love the way you have shared your adoption story up to this point. I’m hoping that the perfect child comes to you sooner rather than later and look forward to hearing more about your story.

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