Posted by: Kristin W | November 12, 2010

Growing Up Fast

As a parent, it’s weird how things hit you.  And where.  This week, S had his annual physical (yes, it’s been a year since we all had our physicals done for the home study).  I picked him up from school early and we went to the pediatrician.  He had his backpack, so we took in his homework.  He sat in the waiting room, one leg folded under him, with a three-ring binder on his lap, a pencil in his hand, and his backpack at his feet.  He suddenly looked SO grown up.  I couldn’t help but think back to all the times we’ve been to this doctor.  When he was three and he told the PA that Batman flushes bad guys down the toilet when he catches them.  When he was four and shocked the doctor by telling him that “yea is a colloquialism.”  When he was five and we got his blue and yellow forms ready to start school.  When he was six and I took him in four different times because his eyes weren’t facing straight.  (That’s a story worthy of a whole post to iself!)

I suddenly saw his life flashing before my eyes.  I remember when I was pregnant with him and we still lived in South Carolina.  Numerous people (mainly ones with grown kids) would say, “Enjoy it, because it all goes by so fast.”  I had no idea what that meant.  But, now, I’m starting to see.  He’s now nine.  If he lives with us until he leaves for college, then we’re already half-way through.  WOW!  When did he get so grown up?  I’m typically not a sappy, sentimental person, but it really hit me hard how fast time is flying by.

So, here’s S holding up the jar of confidence (that’s what his 4th grade teacher calls cotton balls – she gives them out for tests) at the doctor.  See what I mean?  He’s practically old enough to BE the doctor!



  1. he looks especially tall here…is that an illusion?

    • No, Maria…he’s really that tall. See what I mean?!?!?

  2. I wonder if sitting with one leg tucked up under you is learned or if it is in the genes?

  3. Whoa, he does look tall =) What a cutie! I can’t believe he used the word colloquialism!!! I can barely SAY that word! Seriously, when I try to use it I stumble all the time.

    • It’s something my husband taught him b/c one of his preschool teachers would always tell the kids “Yea is not a word.” We had to coach him for some time to get the pronunciation right, but then he started using it all the time.

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