Posted by: Kristin W | January 2, 2011

Testing New Technology

I am trying out my new technology by posting this blog from my iPad. This is not my first attempt. I tried this past weekend while we were visiting Atlanta, but was unsuccessful, so here it goes again. I took these pics with my camera, then used the camera connector to upload them into the iPad. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do this while we’re in Ethiopia and then go to the Hilton for wi-fi and post for you.

Ice Skating:

With the fabulous uncles:

At the aquarium:

Cute graffiti kids:



  1. That is great! I am going to save up and get an IPad at some point. It will be nice for travel since it is small and you can use it as entertainment on the plane. The pictures of your kiddos are cute. Happy new year! Kala

  2. Did you connect the camera to the iPad is there a USB port? Hmmm you got me thinking 🙂

    • There is not a USB port, but you can buy a camera adapter kit (I think it was around $25) that you can plug into the iPad and slide in your SD card. It lets you pick which photos from the SD card to import.

  3. sounds like someone got a pretty cool christmas present yes? congrats. 🙂 i got a kindle and havent put it down. woot! happy new year!

  4. Ummm, I am totally impressed with your tech. skills. I am woefully inadequate in that dept. and think I only understand about 10% of what you are talking about. BUT, I do see your pics and they look great. We’re in the market for an SLR camera, no IPADs in my future…

    • I work with a lot of younger techie people and I am trying desperately to keep up! If you’re in the SLR market, I would recommend the Nikon D5000. I got one this past summer and love it. You can go totally automatic or totally manual, or somewhere in between. It is fabulous. (Not a paid spokesperson…) Option #2: we get referrals around the same time and travel together, then I can take pics for you!

      • Thanks for the recommendation, is it user friendly for a non-professional like myself. I’ve seen your other blog by the way and know you have skills… We were also recommended the Cannon Rebel…Thoughts on that? I also really like Option #2, I’ll see what I can do.

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