Posted by: Kristin W | May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day

So, how cool is it that there is a day for us?  I mean, I would do this job for free, but then they throw in a greeting card holiday, too.  Anyway, today I was telling E how great it was to be a mom.  Here are 25 reasons this is a great job:

  1. Hugs.
  2. Kisses.  (Unless you have a boy who thinks he’s too old for that…)
  3. Snuggling up in a chair to read a good book, even if you’ve read it 100 times before.
  4. Watching them “get it.”
  5. Seeing them interacting with their friends when they don’t know you’re watching.
  6. Being able to kiss a boo-boo and make it better.  Or, providing band-aids.
  7. Watching them win.
  8. Watching them lose.
  9. Parent/teacher conferences.
  10. The smell of freshly shampooed hair (when she remembers to use the shampoo…)
  11. Watching them try eating something new.
  12. Laughter.
  13. Getting backpacks ready for the first day of school, with all those stellar pencils, crayons, erasers, and lots of hand sanitizer!
  14. Holding hands to cross the street.
  15. Answering “why?”
  16. The little marks on the wall that show how tall they are.
  17. The funny things they say.
  18. The fact that I’m great just because I know how to clean up cat vomit or find the missing shoe.
  19. Back rubs before bedtime.
  20. Artwork that prompts you to say, “tell me about this…” because you can’t tell what it is.
  21. Phonetic spelling.
  22. Hearing them say something that you know they’ve heard from you.
  23. Watching them develop a passion for something and helping them learn more about it.
  24. Going on “dates.”
  25. Did I mention hugs and kisses?
What would you add to the list?


  1. Awwww, I am looking forward to all of these things…!! Thank you again for your gift!

  2. Now that all my kids are in school, I love a sick day. When one of them stays home from school, we get to spend the day together, without any other brothers. We watch old shows that they are too grown up to watch anymore. We read books, etc. And I LOVE it when one of them cracks a joke that makes me and my husband so proud!

    • I almost put something in my list about when they are sick, but thought that sounded a little dark. I do love it, though, when they are sick and just want to cuddle up and be still. And they ALWAYS want their mommy when they are sick. Although, I do hate those middle of the night trips into our room, when they say, “I don’t feel good…” and then throw up in my bed!

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