Posted by: Kristin W | July 10, 2011


When I teach goal setting, I always tell people two things.  First, write down your goals to make it harder to change your mind later (I’m hoping that publishing a blog will accomplish this).  Second, tell other people your goals so they can help you stay accountable.  That’s you.

I have decided to run a half marathon.  Yes, I am aware that is 13.1 miles.  I have always hated exercise, especially running.  Don’t get me wrong, I love sports.  Over the past few years I’ve played tennis and joined the office softball team.  But I have never enjoyed running, and going to the gym seems like some sort of torture.  Yet now I find myself registered for the Disney Wine and Dine half marathon on October 1.

Why?  I think I need some sort of healthy outlet for my stress levels.  Work has been very difficult lately.  And waiting 17.5 months for a referral is an emotional event that I have no idea how to explain.  My coping mechanisms of late have been primarily chocolate and wine.

I’ve been training for two weeks now, and yesterday I ran four miles.  Just 9.1 to go!  I envisioned my training runs as quiet time where I could think and sort out my thoughts, but so far I’ve mostly focused on my timer/stopwatch, the route, and the sheer pain.  (Oh, and the random animal encounters that shot my heart rate up even higher.)  It may not turn out to be what I thought, but at least I’ll get in better shape and maybe shed a few pounds that the chocolate and wine have left behind.




  1. Good for you! What a great thing to focus on.

  2. Then it sounds very appropriate that you are running a Wine and Dine 1/2 marathon. May I ask how the wining and dining will be incorporated into the event? That is a very important detail.

    I’m sure you will do great. If you can do 10 miles you’ll be fine. Are you using a training program? I used Hal Higdon and found it very manageable:

    Good luck!

    • It’s during Epcot’s Wine and Food Festival. The race is at night, then you get to go into Epcot and sample food and drink from around the world. It’s my favorite time of year at Disney, and I’ll admit, part of the lure of doing this in the first place. I will check out Hal – thanks for the tip.

  3. that is awesome! I did my first half 2 years ago- like you I NEVER ran, I love it now! It is such a release for me!! I am jealous that you are doing the wine and dine! I wanted to sign up but maybe next year!
    Hal has a great program! I did that one for my first run and then for my second I read this book Running for Women- is is GREAT lots of tips and different trainings!! Keep me posted! Husband and I are doing a night race next weekend- an 8k!!
    Good Luck! You will rock!!

  4. Wow, this is a great thing to take on when feeling so stressed! I, too, am trying to run more. But silly ol’ me is just trying to do a 5k. 🙂 Good luck to you!

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