Posted by: Kristin W | September 24, 2011


Twenty months and 25 days.  But we wait no more.  That’s right, friends, this week, we received a referral for a 4.5 year old boy and a 5 month old girl!  They are absolutely adorable and very healthy.

The Call came at 11:25 on Wednesday.  I was at work, and there was someone I was trying to avoid standing in my office doorway.  I heard my phone vibrating and saw our case manager’s name pop up, so I told the interloper that I needed to take the call and asked her to close the door.  Lisa, our case manager, said she had some good news and asked if I wanted to try to get Andrew on the phone.  I said yes, but told her I didn’t think she’d be successful, since he was on his way to New York and was probably on a plane.  When she couldn’t reach him, she asked if I’d like to go ahead and get the news or wait until we could reach him.  I wish I could say this was an tough decision, but I immediately said, “just tell me.”  She gave me the names, birthdates and ages, and said she would send me the file.  (I remember asking at one point if I should be able to breathe, and Lisa said no, not really.  Whew…I’m doing it right!)  She said it would take about an hour to send the email because she had to process a few things first.  I went to lunch with my boss, who caught on pretty quickly that something was up, and Andrew finally called when his plane landed in Atlanta.  I gave him the few details I had, and said I’d let him know once I got the file.

After lunch, I went home, knowing that it would be easier to upload the files to the international doctor from my home computer.  I sat down and waited.  And waited.  I pressed the “get mail” button about every 30 seconds.  Seriously, I was thinking that maybe I would wear out the button.  Then I got this terrible feeling that maybe something had gone wrong.  Maybe when she was “processing” the referral, she found something they hadn’t noticed before.  Or, what if she’d sent the email to the wrong Kristin.  Since there are two of us, both with the same first and last names, who are clients of the same adoption agency, it would be possible, right?  So, I called and left a panicked voicemail that I hadn’t received it and wanted to make sure she didn’t send it to Kristen.  Almost three hours after the initial call, my “get mail” button finally yielded results.  I quickly scroll down, skipping all the important paperwork forms to get to the pictures.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I may be biased, but I’ve seen a lot of referral photos, and these are definitely the cutest ones ever.

So, having seen that they were real kids, I quickly skimmed the paperwork, saved the photos so I could text them Andrew, who was still in the air, and uploaded the medical information to the doctor.  I know I did these things, however, I really have no memory of doing any of them.

Andrew finally called from NYC.  He was totally giddy.  Those of you who remember the Vienna Finger episode…he was acting the exact same way.

About 9:30 that night, I got the response from the doctor.  All seems well.  In their words, “In summary, we are optimistic about their potential to do well in a home.”  That’s all I needed.  The next morning, Andrew and I texted, emailed, and talked a few more times.  We had another call with Lisa (this time with all three of us), and talked through next steps.  It has been completely weird for Andrew not to be here for all of this.  I feel like it’s totally surreal that I have continued to get up and go to work every morning, pick the kids up, feed them, do homework, and go to bed.  I feel like something should be different.  Very strange, indeed.  Of course, my phone battery is close to dead almost all the time, because I keep pulling up the pictures and staring at every detail.

Friday, Andrew was in town for about 30 minutes.  He was picking up S so the two of them could drive up to the football game at Clemson this weekend.  During the brief time he was here, we arranged for a notary (thanks, Marissa!) to come over to the house so we could sign the acceptance paperwork, which I will mail today.  Once that’s done, our paperwork will be sent to Ethiopia.  It goes through 14 different government agencies, who all have to approve before we will be offered a court date.  We hope that will be sometime in January.  Andrew and I will fly over for the court date and at that time, we’ll get to meet the kids.  Then we’ll come home while the US government gets involved.  The Embassy will review our case and do their own investigation.  When they deem everything is in order, they will offer us an Embassy appointment.  For that trip, all four of us will fly over, get the kids’ Visas, and come home as a family of six.  Best case scenario is that will happen sometime in the spring.  Really, we’ve just stopped waiting for one thing and started waiting for something else, but the difference is that now it all seems a lot more real.

I know you’re all dying to see these gorgeous kids, but we’re not allowed to post the pics anywhere.  Sorry.  But take my word for it.  These kids are insanely beautiful.




  1. Congratulations!! So happy for you!

  2. Kristin– …tears in my eyes just feeling the intensity and excitement of your post.

    You said it so well w/ “Really, we’ve just stopped waiting for one thing and started waiting for something else, but the difference is that now it all seems a lot more real.”

    Wishing you a speedy passage of time from now to court ;]

    –Mary Beth

  3. Yahoo!!!! Awesome news, so happy for you. Wow. It’s gonna be crazy from here on out!

  4. Omg!!!!! This is the first email i read today!!! Congrats!!!! I am so happy for you both! I had to laugh that you thought the might have emailed me i had not even thought about that! Welcome to the new wait!!!

  5. I literally got chills when I read this! Congratulations!!!

  6. Yeah!!! Congrats! So happy for you.


  8. Sounds great. This wait will be better. At least it was to me….

  9. What wonderful news! Hope the wait to get them home is short! Congratulations!

  10. Oh, wow! I’m so excited and happy for you! Congratulations!

  11. Congratulations! Hope the next part of the wait is very short!

  12. SO happy for you and your family! Hoping these next steps go quickly for you…………………so exciting!!!

  13. Holy crap–how did I miss this post in my feed!! Ahh!! I am so thrilled and elated for you. I know you’ve been waiting for these kids for so long–as we are with the same agency. May you get your court date soon. You just made my evening smile!

  14. Congrats again, I felt I needed to post my well-wishes via the blogworld to make it official. Unfortunately there is little time to check blogs, comment on blogs and no time to actually post on my own blog b/c well, you know, we adopted siblings…=) hehehe.

    I remember hitting the refresh button a million times too–I can’t believe it took her so long to get the files sent. I would have been out of my mind… I also would have been out of my mind with an out of town husband!! Whoa!!

    I am so excited for you all and cannot wait to follow along and see what’s in store for you and your newly expanded family.

  15. Congratulations! This is such an exciting time! I hope the next two trips come quickly. Can’t wait to see pics!

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