Posted by: Kristin W | October 3, 2011

I’m Only Half Crazy

I did it.  I finished 13.1 miles in the Disney Wine and Dine Marathon this weekend! Here are the official stats:

Chip Time: 3:19:49            Place: 7578th (out of 8254 finishers)

I hate to disappoint my fans, but I am now announcing my retirement.

I have a new-found appreciation for all of you who run long distances.  It hurts.  I trained on a lot of hills, in the heat of July and August.  I did this thinking that on a flat course in cooler weather, it would be much easier.  And it was.  But not easy enough. The first 7-8 miles were actually OK.  We ran ahead of my pace for a few miles, it was nice and cool, and I was thinking that I could do this easily.  Then, miles 9-10 got a little tougher.  My legs were just getting really fatigued.  By miles 10-12, we had to walk.  A lot.  My legs were shaking and I felt like my knees weren’t bending at the right place.  For the last mile, I got a little second wind and ran for quite a while, but mainly because I just wanted it to be over, and at that point, running didn’t hurt any worse than walking.  I wanted to cry, but held it in, because all the Disney employees were standing along the route with big signs cheering us on.  Yeah…I know, who cares?  But at the time, I felt like I couldn’t let them see me weeping my way across the finish line.  In the end, we did it.  I guess that’s all that matters.  But, I will NOT be doing this again, and NEVER will I do a full marathon.  I’m only half crazy.

Andrew asked me why I decided to run this race.  I’m not really sure.  Insanity?  OK, to be honest, when we registered, I did not realize that it was a night race (start time was 10:00, so I finished close to 2:00 AM).  And I love the Wine and Food Festival at Epcot.  So, I was thinking that I would run the race, and be really tired and sore, but then have the whole day at Epcot to browse through countries looking for food and adult beverages to revive me.  As it was, I had to drag myself over to the world showcase in time to grab one quick snack and a Sam Adams before the park closed at 3:00 AM.  So I missed all the actual FUN of it.  I also thought that Disney would have a lot of entertainment along the course.  They did have some stuff, but it was mainly the floats from the Electro-Magic parade and a few speakers with pop music.  Not nearly enough to take my mind off my internal agony.

In the future, I may do an occasional 5K, especially if I could do it with the kids.  But, I’ll leave the long distances to Andrew and the rest of the fully crazies.  If we happen to end up with a couple of Ethiopian distance runners in the family, I will certainly be excited to cheer them on and meet them after they cross the finish line.

Here are my two 5K finishers.   (Yes, Andrew ran a 5K in the morning and a half-marathon at night.  He is my hero.)  My race pics will be posted by next week, but I doubt that I’ll share them if I look anything like I felt.

And here is an albino frog that hung out at our hotel all weekend.  Very odd.  And random.  I think he was evil.



  1. Congrats! I ran a half marathon on Sunday too and thought, never again.
    Hope you get a nice massage soon!

  2. I ran a half marathon in September, 2002 (with the benefit of a cortisone shot to mask my increasing plantar fascia issues). My quads hurt for the next three months. Seriously, I could barely run a step. But, thinking it was temporary, I signed up for a 15K in November. I still don’t know how I got through it. I tried to run a little warm up and stopped after two steps. By December not only were my quads still extremely painful — I should mention this was the Adirondack half marathon — I’m not sure what I was thinking when I signed up other than that it goes around a lake and lakes are flat, right – HAH! — the cortisone shot had worn off and I spent the next seven years fighting that plantar fasciitis. Now my feet rebel if I run with less than two days rest, so that makes any attempt at a serious distance comeback impossible. So…I’ve switched to triathlons! And my five year old son does much of my training with me (I just won’t let him ride his bike on the roads, so I leave him home for bike hill training) so it’s togetherness/attachment time for us. Ok, so he tends to putter around on the beach for the open water swim training (Daddy supervises), but we’re kind of together. It’s a fun outing for him and good training for me. Shoot for an easy sprint triathlon — and don’t worry about time. I went with the “ok, I have a five year old with me; my bike ride is going to stop at eight miles” approach to training, and that was good enough for me for this year. It was more important to me to be spending time with him than trying to be competitive at something I wasn’t going to win anyway. And next year he’ll be old enough to compete in a kids’ tri! And he’ll probably rock it. Congrats on your referral — you’ll be very busy in the coming year, but if the older one likes to run … we just so much enjoy our family running times together. And the little one will probably like being pushed in a baby jogger. Congrats on your half-marathon — even if you never do another one, you will always have that medal!

  3. Way to go! I am impressed!

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