Posted by: Kristin W | October 24, 2011

Post-Referral Nesting

So, what have I been doing since receiving a referral?  Getting ready for kids?  Buying all the necessities?  Preparing for travel?  Reading up on attachment?


I’ve been renovating the house.  In what I can only attribute to nesting, I have had the extreme urge to get our house in tip-top shape.  Since the house was far from tip-top, this has become a time consuming process.  As you may remember from this post, I had already started working on some painting.  Then, our dog had an accident with the dog door, which started a chain reaction.  Because he needed a new dog door, and we couldn’t salvage the back door, we decided we’d have to get a new back door.  And if we’re going to get a new back door, we might as well get a new front door to replace the ugly, blue, peeling one that I’ve hated for years.  We hired a handyman who refurbished the front door, put on new hardware, replaced the back door (after our special order finally came in correctly on the third try) and painted the front patio.  It looked great, but now the door didn’t match the posts.  Paint them white.  Then the shutters didn’t match.  Keep going with the white.  After eight years of hating my shutters, I finally tackled the project.  Now I’m wishing I’d done it years ago.  I still have some shutters to go, but thought I’d share the before and afters:



Before - Look how small the tree was!

After. (Graveyard is temporary.)

But we’re not done.  Since we got a referral for a little baby, I had to look at things differently.  She will only be about a year old when she comes home, so will still need a crib.  A crib won’t fit in E’s room, so we’re going to switch the girls and boys rooms.  Both of my kids have huge loft beds that are going to be hell to move.  So, since we’ll be moving this massive furniture anyway, it seems like a good time to replace the carpet in those rooms.  And if we’re going to do those two rooms, we might as well just replace the flooring in the whole house, right?  And since we’ll be replacing the carpet, we might as well paint the bedrooms before we rip out the carpet.  (You can see why Andrew is going crazy.  He is living with the mouse from “If You Give A Mouse a Cookie.”)  We’ve gotten quotes on carpet and laminate flooring and that will be done sometime before Christmas.  I mean, after all, little H will be crawling all over the place…I can’t have her crawling on our disgusting old carpet!



  1. Looks great! And this totally sounds like something I would do. It’s amazing how one project can easily morph into about 10 projects, huh? I hope you can have some fun with the projects, especially envisioning those two new kiddos in the house sometime soon!

  2. We did the same thing! Had our house painted, changed our boys rooms around, bought new furniture to organize, etc. I think maybe that’s a title to a new book, “If You Give a Mom a Referral…”

  3. This is exactly like, “If You Give a Mouse…” I like the red door!

  4. Wow! You are a busy person. I love the red door and all of the other changes sound great. Now I wish we were coming there for Christmas so that I could see all of the changes. You’ll have to send pictures.

  5. I LOVE THIS. Wow, I am impressed. Since I seem to rarely leave my home I wish I had done a fraction of this to our place before coming home… Take more before and after pictures.

    Did you get my package???

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