Posted by: Kristin W | December 21, 2011

Day 6 – Tuesday

We spent the early morning with A at the big kid house.  The first thing he was excited to show us was his pants.  Yesterday he was wearing pants that were easily two sizes too big around the waist, and they were continually falling down and we were continually pulling them up.  Today, he had on a pair of khaki pants, with pockets and belt loops.  He made sure to point them out, then pointed to Andrew’s belt loops, too.  He was so proud of his pants.  I’m not sure if he liked them because they were just like Andrew’s or just because they fit, but it was clear that he was excited about khaki pants (which is something I’ve never seen from S).

Playtime was a little different this time, because they let the other kids out into the courtyard while we were there, so there so there was more competition for the red car and more chance to watch him interact with other kids.  When it’s just us, he knows we can’t understand him, so he grunts and points a lot.  But with the other kids, he talks a lot and seems to be telling them all what to do.  He was playing jump rope with another little boy and the handle broke off.  A tried intently for a few minutes to fix it, then I tried to show him that he could still twirl it even with only part of the handle.  But, he would have none of it, so he took the other end from the little boy and walked over to the toy shelf and put it away, and I guess told the other little boy not to play with it anymore, because he gave up, too. When the nannies told the kids it was time to wash up for snack (they have bread and milk every day at 10:00), he was the first to go sit on the rug and was pointing for others to sit down, and I could tell he was frustrated that not everyone was doing it as quickly as him.  Not sure if he’s a rule-follower or was just very hungry.

After snack we came back and got H and took her inside the guest house.  Up until now, we’d always held her, either outside or in a chair in her room, but I wanted to see if she could crawl, scoot, or get around some other way.  The floor in the common room is hardwood, so it was pretty slick, but we were able to determine that she can get up on all fours, but not quite go anywhere yet.  She did some scooting, but unfortunately, it was backward, which just made her more mad.  I would say that for a seven month old, she is pretty close to being on target developmentally.  And have I mentioned that she smiles ALL the time?  She is totally a happy baby.


While the kids were napping, we all went over to the Hilton for some Internet time (you may remember my Facebook post from this day) and Diet Coke (they only have regular Coke at Horizon House).  We decided that on the way home, we should stop at a liquor store and buy some beer to drink up on the roof that night.  We had picked up a new family of four at the Hilton, who were heading to Horizon House for a Friday court date, so the 14-passenger van had about 16 people in it.  We told Mulat where we wanted to stop and he pulled over.  Keith was in the front, so he hopped out and he and Mulat went to the door.  We could see them standing there (they never went all the way inside).  Eventually after what seemed like negotiating, a man took Keith’s money and came out carrying a case with 12 bottles in it.  Keith starts following him down the street, while Mulat comes back to the van.  Now, you should understand that we are never allowed to leave Horizon House without a guard or Mulat.  Even when we walk back and forth between the two houses, a guard escorts us.  So, to see Keith, wearing a bright red “USA” T-shirt wander off with some strange man from the liquor store and a case of beer was quite a sight. What we later learned is that they won’t sell you beer unless you trade in empty bottles, so the guy was carrying the beer back to Horizon House, which was only a few blocks away, in order to get our empties.  Mulat did drive right along beside Keith, but it was one of the funnier things I’ve seen in a while.  For the record, 12 bottles of beer cost 132 birr, approximately $7.50.



  1. She has an amazing smile! And A seems to have a strong personality – I love that he was following instructions and comfortable telling other kids what to do (especially since he had just arrived there).

  2. I am surprised you are not allowed to leave HH without a guard… we came and went at all hours and no one minded. For next time, there are two internet cafes one block down the main road from HH, so you don’t need to go all the way to the Hilton.

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