Posted by: Kristin W | February 21, 2012

The Wait is Over…Almost

I haven’t posted in a long time because I didn’t have anything to say.  But now, I’d like to shout from the rooftop that WE CLEARED THE EMBASSY!!  This means that we will travel soon to pick up A and H and bring them home forever.  Finally.

Start to finish, our whole process will have taken 37 months.  Who knew when we started the journey to adopt a domestic infant in February of 2009 that we would end up with Ethiopian siblings in March of 2012?  It’s been a crazy ride.

You may wonder what I’ve been up to for the last few months.  Of all the 37, these last two were definitely the hardest.  I spent a lot of time staring at pictures on my iPad.  And then there was the nesting.  I have completely cleaned out, organized and rearranged almost every junk drawer, dresser drawer and kitchen drawer in our house.  Not sure why the fascination with drawers, but once I started, I couldn’t stop.  I have a deep need to organize.  I figure in a few short weeks, this house will be total chaos (more than it is now) if I don’t have good systems in place.  Laundry is the thing that scares me the most, so I started by labeling everyone’s socks.  (I started with initials, but then read a better idea that you use dots – 1 for the oldest, 2 for the next, etc.  Yes, I learned this after I Googled “laundry for large families,” because I’m that serious about researching this topic…)  I got a new spinning shoe tree for the garage, so the kids can all leave their shoes out there.

Of course, I also finished up both kids’ rooms.  The boys will be sharing a room, and the girls are together.  It’s a little cramped, but I think it will work until I win the lottery and we can buy a bigger house.

But, mostly I’ve shopped.  I think it’s mainly retail therapy, but I had a sudden desire to have things.  Stuff.  Some important stuff, some fun stuff, but lots of stuff.  Shopping for stuff for the little kids makes me feel somehow more connected to them.  I also got a lot of stuff for the big kids to do on the plane ride.  Everyone has a backpack full of gear that they will probably never use because there are free movies.  I get that.

I also packed.  That’s right, we’re almost completely packed.  All I need to do is a few loads of laundry and pack the clothes we need to take for us.  The stuff for the little kids, the travel backpacks, the care center donations, and the medications are all already packed.  You would think I’m excited or something…




  1. Ahahah! I can TOTALLY RELATE! I don’t like to shop, yet I have been a shopping whirlwind preparing for ONE kid. You have had that times two! And I love the rooms…they will love them too. Best to the whole family…can’t wait to see you again in Addis Ababa 🙂

  2. Yes!! Great news. The laundry thing was/is overwhelming to me. I stole an idea from a friend that is working really well. Each member of the family has a laundry day. On their day, I wash all of their clothes/sheets. They have to bring the clothes to the laundry room and then when their laundry is done, they have to bring it back to their room. It’s helped me keep things organized and I love having a schedule. I use shout color catchers if I have to wash whites and colors together and it works great. Anyway, have a great trip. Enjoy every single second. I miss being there, even though it was a hard trip for me. SO happy for you guys.

  3. I am so very excited to read this. It takes me back to when we were your shoes. Such an exciting time! It sounds like you are very well-prepared. You have taken care of all that can be in your control – organizing rooms, shopping, labeling, cleaning, etc. I’m a lot like you and find great satisfaction in completing those things. It’s smart to have those things done ahead of time…The lack of control and chaos that is my life now has taken a lot of getting used to and I am not there yet =) Have you been assigned a date?

    Again, I am so so happy for you all and cannot wait to compare notes and hear all about your trip.

  4. So, so, so, so, so happy and excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. So very happy for you! You’re almost there!

  6. Such wonderful news! You are almost there! I love the nesting and organizing you’ve done. I have a feeling I will be the same way when our time comes. It’s in me on a regular day; I know it’s going to explode later!

  7. I am not even going to get into the laundry talk (so much to say). I do wish to say how very very happy I am to hear of your embassy news.

    You are so, so close!

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