Posted by: Kristin W | March 21, 2012

Day 2 – Tuesday

Today started with a sick kid.  S woke up at 3:00 feeling like he was going to throw up.  We sat in the Brangelina suite bathroom (no, Brad and Angelina didn’t actually stay at Horizon House when they were here, but if they had, they would have been in our suite) for about an hour with a cold compress on his head, until he decided he could go back to bed.  He woke up this morning still feeling bad, at which point we started to suspect altitude sickness more than anything else.  After getting him to drink some Pedialyte and water, he perked up considerably.  Meanwhile, E went down to breakfast, but didn’t want to eat anything, so she came back up and Andrew gave her a Cliff bar, which she promptly threw up.  She, however, felt much better instantly, and went on with her day as normal.  Not sure what that was all about.

We had good news about H today.  After our last visit to Horizon House, I told several people about what a happy baby she is and that we never even heard her cry.  I then started to worry that she had been conditioned not to cry, as many orphanage kids give up crying because no one ever responds.  But today, we learned that she can, indeed cry.  I took her back to “Room 2” after playing for a while and put her back in her crib with a toy.  As I was walking toward the door, she let it wail.  So, good news…she DOES cry and even better news, she was crying for ME!

This afternoon, we went shopping and S got to try his hand at haggling in the market.  I’m not sure he really understood what we were doing, but he did a good job of bargaining to get us some dolls, scarves, and a mancala set.  I probably would have gotten them for less, but S was very proud of the deals he got.  After shopping in one area of town, we took a drive through the Mercado.  Unbelievable.  This place has people everywhere.  There are little booths about 10 feet wide and they all specialize in one thing.  So one guy may sell only shoes, the woman next to him sells spices, and the next one sells kitchen faucets.  We even saw people walking around selling live chickens.

One street in the Mercado



And my kids complain about taking out the recylcling...

For dinner, we went to an Ethiopian restaurant with dancing and entertainment.  We were all pretty wiped out after a long day of shopping and sightseeing, but had a great evening.  E loved the beef tibs so much that we asked for some extra and they brought more for everyone in our party.  E wore her traditional Ethiopian dress that she bought while shopping and brought along her new Ethiopian doll.  It is great to see her soaking in all these new things and experiences.

Washing up for dinner

Watching the performers



  1. It must be really special to get to experience all of this through your kids’ eyes, too. I’m sorry you had to deal with some sickness (I’m sure that wasn’t fun) but I’m glad it was apparently short-lived.

    I appreciate your thoughts on it being good to hear H cry. These are the things that we have to worry about that non-adoptive parents just don’t. And how special that she was crying for YOU!

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