Posted by: Kristin W | May 16, 2012


We have now had both of our kids tested for development, and though you might be interested in the results.

First, the good news…L:

L had an assessment a few weeks ago by the Children’s Home Society Early Steps program.  She passed with flying colors.  She was ahead of the norm for gross motor skills, right on track for self-help/adaptive skills, social/emotional skills, and academic/cognitive skills.  She was slightly delayed in her communication, but the testers attributed that to the change in language and they had no concerns for future language development.  They were also not overly concerned about her hesitation to eat foods with more texture and told me to just keep trying.  This is fabulous news.  I continue to be amazed that a baby relinquished at two months of age, and spending eight months in orphanage care does not have more delays.  She is now walking full-time, is picking up sign language, and eating more and more foods.  I really never imagined that we would have so few areas of concern with her.

Now, the not-so-great news…A:

Today we had an appointment to have Ayub tested for Kindergarten readiness.  In our ongoing attempt to determine where the best place for him next fall will be, we decided to enlist the help of someone not affiliated with either the preschool that wants to keep him another year or the elementary school that wants to enroll him.  Andrew took him to the appointment today and it was a train wreck.  He was in one of his super-hyper, bounce-off-the-walls, babble and singsong, act crazy moods.  Basically, she didn’t even do the assessment, but told Andrew that she could tell by looking at him that he is not ready for a classroom.  This is somewhat unfortunate, because we’re getting great feedback at preschool that he is doing well in the school environment.  But, we will probably lean toward giving him another year of preschool before throwing him to the public school system.

My own assessment:

I continue to be amazed at these two.  Considering all they’ve been through and all they’ve experienced, they are doing fantastic.  I read all the books with the horror stories, and was prepared to have a knife-weilding, bedwetting, food-hoarding, grief-stricken lunatic living with us.  While we’ve had a few rough bumps, for the most part, they are settling in well, attaching wonderfully, and adapting great to their new culture.  It is truly amazing to watch.




  1. Thanks for continue to share your journey with L and A. I keep thinking about whether our A will be ready for kindergarten or to put her in pre-K. I think now I will have an independent person do an assessment (beyond the Int’l adoption clinic) when we bring her home. I wouldn’t have thought of that if it wasn’t for this post, so thank you. And I’m glad that all is going better than expected…hooray for a fairly smooth transition.

  2. Great news for L; these kids are amazing! As for A, was he scared during the assessment? If he was, then the evaluator would not be able to tell very much. I know w/ M, he’s usually a bit apprehensive/nervous/vigilant around some new experiences… What does your preschool say? If they are getting him at his best each day they may be in a better position to make recommendations. Just my 2 cents!

    I’m so glad to hear things are going so well!

  3. As far as the assessments, we’ve done them with E twice. At home, she honestly does not stop talking. At the assessment, the woman asked if she’s able to string 4 or 5 words together in a sentence because E would whisper a one word answer to her questions. I laughed out loud because I can’t get her to stop talking at home (and school I’m told by her teachers). So I think the assessments can be useful, but not on their own. Just my two cents.

  4. It is amazing, isn’t it? I don’t thunk it would hurt A to keep him in preschool one more year, bur really, you know what is best. Happy to hear how well they are doing and that they are right on track!!

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