Posted by: Kristin W | May 18, 2012


Before we adopted A and L I did a lot of reading about “conspicuous families.”  It’s pretty obvious when we walk into the grocery store that our kids are not biologically our kids.  Adoption is obvious with us.  It’s out there.  People notice.

But I forget.

People look at us in public, but I forget why they are looking at us.  My kids are SO stinking cute that I just assume they are looking at them because they are so gorgeous!  (Or maybe it’s the super-hero costume?)

Everyone comments on how pretty L is (which is true).  I’m not sure if they just think that’s a safe way to start a conversation with me about her, or if really she is just so beautiful that they feel the need to express it.  Today, I was strapping her in her car seat (on the driver side) and a woman was actually tapping on the back windows on the opposite side of the car and telling her how pretty she is.  REALLY?  A stranger tapping on my window because my kid is so cute?

I have been surprised, though, that most people seem to assume that she is, indeed, my daughter.  I figured I would be mistaken for the babysitter or the friend.  But they seem to know.




  1. I think A looks like your husband. And YES, L really is that gorgeous!

  2. Just going back and reading some of your old posts. I have also been surprised that everyone assumes the boys are mine. Tabb got stopped once in the park by a well-meaning passerby, but that’s it. I agree with you that the comments about how cute they are are probably a safe way to start a conversation.

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