Posted by: Kristin W | June 7, 2012

Things I Want to Remember

I feel like our lives are being lived in fast forward.  Adopting older kids (I’m even putting L in this category since we didn’t get her as an newborn) means that you have a lot of “firsts” right away, and a lot of development that happens very quickly.  We have been home for three months now, and so much has changed so quickly.  L was eating stage 1 baby foods, now she is completely on table food (with the exception of a few bottles a day).  A couldn’t speak in English at all, now he can tell us stories about what happened at school today.  (That’s right, Miss Alex, watch out…he’s telling us everything!)  L couldn’t walk, now she’s running around the house chasing the cats.  A didn’t know what a book was, now he can practically “read” to us from his superhero beginner books, which he has memorized.  I remember when I was pregnant with S and everyone told me to enjoy it, that it all goes by so quickly.  They were right.  But in this case, even more so.  Because it’s all happening so fast, I want to remember the little things.  Here’s a (very) partial list:

  • L sucks her finger.  Not her thumb.  She has a callous on her finger where her top teeth rest.  Yes, it will suck to one day have to pay for braces, but it’s so stinkin’ cute right now.

  • A says “I love dat” more than any other phrase.  A song comes on the radio…”I love dat.”  I hold up an orange…”I love dat.”  I get out his belt in the morning…”I love dat.” (See next entry…)
  • A loves to wear belts.  Seriously, the kid for some reason relates belts to America.  Every morning, he wants to wear one.  With his shirt tucked in so everyone can see his belt.  So funny.  (BTW, not ideal when you’re in a hurry to potty.)

  • L is only ticklish under her chin.  I don’t think I ever met a kid whose feet weren’t ticklish.
  • A is fascinated by the sun.  He asks about it all the time.  “Sun hot?”  “Aeroplan fly up, get hot?”  “Sun sleep?”  I am still having trouble explaining the sun went behind a cloud.
  • A and L both sweat a lot.  Poor things are always hot.  (I know Dave will say it’s just because I don’t keep the air conditioning cold enough in my house…)  But A seems fascinated by the sweat, as if this is something that didn’t happen in Afar. He enjoys wiping his forehead and then wiping it on us.  Totally gross, but he seems so pleased with himself for producing it.  I’m not sure if it is the humidity that is different for them, but I know it was plenty hot in Afar, so they have to have experience with sweat, right?
  • A can already pick out his letter.  We learned this at Chili’s where there was a large “MARGARITA” sign over the bar.  “A for A___.”  “A for A___.”  So awesome.  (We did verify that he was pointing at the letter and not asking for an adult beverage.)
  • L doesn’t like bows in her hair.  Or headbands.  This is currently killing me.  A rare exception:
  • A thinks it is hysterical that E was scared of the baboons.  When we told him the story of feeding the baboons in Afar, E mentioned that she was scared.  “A no scared of baboons.  E scared of baboons?  HAHAHAHA!”  Now he brings it up regularly and points out to her that she is scared of baboons.  She regrets mentioning it.

Before we came home, I read so many posts that talked about how resilient these kids are.  But it’s more than that.  It’s like they are making up for lost time while hurrying to catch up.  Or maybe it’s just me who’s trying to catch up.



  1. Our A also loves belts. Maybe they associate a belt with being a “big boy?”

  2. Yes to belts and tucking in shirts REALLY tight! When Mekbib is really proud of his appearance he stands tall with his hands tight at his sides. It’s so cute! These kids are amazing. Our m is not a baby anymore. I remember her well she used to fit on me as she fell asleep…now she’s in a toddler bed! A’s questions are great, so similar to M’s….does he ask nonstop questions? What did you guys decide to do about school?

  3. Sounds like things are going well – love the update!

    The belt thing is really cute! I wonder if part of it is because the belts help the pants really fit? I imagine for at least some time he did not have pants that truly fit.

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