Who Is This Crazy Family?


This is us.  After two biological kids, we decided to bring home two more, and adopted siblings from Ethiopia.  The process from start to finish took 37 months…much longer than we had anticipated.  But, the result is a fabulous family of six, and it feels like it was meant to be.  My husband recently described our life as part train wreck, part fairy tale.  I like to think of it as organized chaos.  It’s crazy, it’s funny, it’s over the top sometimes, but it’s us.



  1. I love that we are both Kristen (Kristin) Watkins!
    Where in FL do you live? We live in MD but have a house down in Satellite Beach FL!

    How long have you been waiting for a referral?


  2. Thanks so much for the lime comment – cracked me up! Hang in there on the wait! I can’t imagine. Our older son was a waiting child and two years later when we adopted our younger one, the program had grown so much that we waited 8 months for the same child (in terms of what we were open to). I completely did not get it. I could not understand why in 2006 there was a 3.5 year old boy waiting and in 2008 we waited eight months for a 3.5 year old boy (in both cases we were open to a child of either gender up to age 5). I found myself obsessing over who had gotten referrals (or hadn’t as it sounds like the situation may be sometimes with your case). Hang in there!

  3. What a lovely family! It’s always great to meet people who share a similar adoption journey. Hope everything goes smoothly and quickly for you!

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